Witches Forest – The Beauty of Silence MC


 Released by Ancient Meadow Records and distributed by Out of Season.


1. Infinity
2. Dawn of Melancholy
3. Into the Rose Bush
4. A Silver Blade
5. Tarde
6. The One Who Haunts These Roads
7. The Night Sky Reflecting In A Pond
8. Goodnight
9. …And There Was Silence
10. The Sun Sets


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Possibly one of the most celebrated underground black metal records of 2022.

Witches Forest brings precocious, raw, and quintessential black metal on their debut full-length. Rarely does a nascent artist express such talent and comprehension of genre dynamics the way Witches Forest does, and even less often on their first record.

“The Beauty of Silence” incorporates elements of raw black metal, second-wave black metal, and atmospheric black metal to create a turbulent blend of dark, brooding music.

Available on cassette and CD from Ancient Meadow Records.

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