Vanhellig – The Ghost in the Spire CD


 Released by Ancient Meadow Records and distributed by Out of Season.


1. The Ghost in the Spire
2. Oubliette
3. A Shapeless Eternity
4. Odyssey of the Forgotten
5. In Memoriam


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Extremely dark dungeon synth teeming with lingering melodies, thunderous percussion, and a pervasive depressing atmosphere; brutal, harsh, and uncompromisingly cold.

Prepare to enter a dreamscape of haunting memories, tragedy, and ghostly apparitions surfacing from ages long lost. This music is unmistakably crafted by a tortured spirit silently shrieking psalms of misery and woe beneath crushing currents of grief.

Immerse yourself in the cold, all-encompassing darkness of Vanhellig.

Head to your nearest cemetery and join the droves of eternal sleepers; become the ghost in the spire.

6-panel digitally printed DigiPak CD with download code.

Limited to 100 copies.

Weight 150 g