Sequestered Keep – The Fortress In The Timeless Fog MC


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A1 Wandering To Death In Forgotten Obeliskian Pathways 3:48
A2 The Winds That Chill The Mountain’s Stone 3:44
A3 A Great Winged Shadow Hides The Moon 3:14
A4 Torchlight Swallowed By Chambers Unending 3:00
A5 What Keeps To The Castleshadows Black 4:11
B1 The Hooded Man Who Isn’t There 5:09
B2 Aeon-Silent Crypt Of Battle-Felled Souls: Spectral Echoes Of War 4:48
B3 Lost In Caverns Of Dark Ensorcelling Magic 1:28
B4 An Ancient Weapon Centuries Lodged In A Towering Skull 5:53
B5 Distant Battlements Atop The Star-Crowned Steep 5:03


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