Runecaster – The Temple Revealed MC


 Released by Ancient Meadow Records and distributed by Out of Season.


1. Dreams of the Jungle (Runecaster’s Theme)
2. Leys in Brekka Vale (The Moot Stone)
3. We Sailed Longships Through Ice and Snow
4. The Pilgrim’s Staff
5. Lights Flickered on the Sodden Moor
6. Hunted at Dawn & Fled to the Forest
7. Heavily Armoured Sentry
8. Exploring the Temple
9. The Yellow Follower
10. Harvesting the Rubber Tree
11. At Peace Inside the Longhouse
12. Hopeful Wishes


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The highly-anticipated third album from the talented and genuinely unique Runecaster. A step away from the dungeon and into a different mindset bearing plenty of electronics, percussion, emotion, and just the right amount of ambience/atmosphere. A true gem of modern synth music that refuses to be categorized. Tandem release with UK label Cosmic Ocean, where copies are also available for UK customers:

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