Quest Master – The Twelve Temples CD

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1.  Cathedral of Glistening Hope 02:33

2. The Radiant Glow of the Submerged Temple 02:35

3. In the Abbey of Innocence 01:52

4. The Primordial Altar Hidden Within the Cradle of Humanity 02:56

5. Onward Towards the Ethereal Pantheon 02:26

6. Courtyard of the Great Druid Henge 02:44

7. Sunlight Basilica of Kingshaven Square 02:14

8. Desolate Shrine of Aminthiria Dungeon 02:43

9. Holy Glass Monolith of Rose River Canyon 01:5

10. Sacred Grove of the Sapphire Cascades 03:08

11. Sacrificed in the Defiled Chapel of Grivenstrak 02:38

12. Church of Crystal Power 03:22


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‘The Twelve Temples’ is a continuation of the ideas explored in previous works and serves as a sister album to ‘The Twelve Castles’. Using classic Casio and Yamaha keyboards and an added focus on FM Synthesis, the album draws heavily from the soundtracks of early N64 and PSX games.

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