QUEST MASTER – Lost Songs of Distant Realms (Double LP black vinyl /300 gatefold) 2LP


—Volume 1—

1. Above the Vast Clouds of the Aquamarine Peak 02:05
2. The Divine Rays of the Sunrise Eclipse 01:34
3. The Elder Mirror of Unspoken Truths 01:48
4. The Ancient Druid Shrine of the Elkwood Labyrinth 01:52
5. The Warm Mead and Crackling Fires of the Gremweld Tavern 02:22
6. The Hallowed Halls of Decadent Sorrow 02:28
7. The Five Holy Runes of White Magic 02:19
8. Journey into the Great Crystal Forest 01:46
9. The Fountain of Healing Faith 02:37
10. Lost Within the Caverns of Turpitude 02:23
11. Beyond the Fog of the Mistvale Inn 01:29
12. The Vibrant Marketplace of the Moon Valley Kingdom 02:13
13. The Blessed Ravine of Colossal Majesty 02:21
14. Eternal Ballet of the Cosmic Deities 01:59
15. Seeking Fortune of the High Seas of Distant Realms 01:41
16. The Echoes of the Enchanted Manor 01:46
17. The Accursed Cathedral of the Ninth Order 01:33
18. Deep Within the Sacred Crypt of the Forgotten City of Rindforge 02:01
19. Waters of Purity from the Celestial Palace 01:46
20. Ode to the Fallen Gods of Fernhelm 02:19
21. Mausoleum of the Skeleton Prince (digital bonus track) 01:50


—Volume 2—
22. Sonata of the Twilight Butterflies 02:12
23. Glimmering Orbs of Prophecy 02:34
24. The Spectral Glow of the Silkworm Domain 02:38
25. The Sunken Citadel of Eldreach 02:08
26. Reflective Pools in the Cavern of Azure Splendour 03:29
27. Flowing Rivers of Wyvern Tears from the Aqueous Palace 02:43
28. The Four Sages of the Equinox 03:18
29. Ascending the Crystalline Steps of the Starlight Temple 02:42
30. Bellowing Trumpets of the Subterranean Fortress 02:50
31. The Eternal Raindrops of the Gloomvale Woods 03:35
32. Faerie Gardens of the Castle Grounds 02:01
33. The Choking Mist of Gwelden Cemetery 02:05
34. Brisk Winds of New Dawn’s Harvest 02:03
35. Gregorian Chants Piercing Through the Towering Cathedrals of Helmstone City 02:06
36. The Shrouded Pathways of the Steel Spired Keep 03:36
37. A Scholar’s Passage to the Grand Archives of Wisdom 03:00
38. Blossoming Roses at the Memorial of the Conquered 01:57
39. Desolation at the Ruins of the Crestfallen Hills 02:53
40. The Old Graves of the Monarch’s Hold 01:25
41. Stillness in the Sanctuary of Giants 02:08
42. Haunting Visions at the Corrupted Lake of Bellmire (digital bonus track) 02:09


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Soundtrack to a 90’s RPG, that was forgotten by time.

Created with classic digital tones from Yamaha and Casio keyboards (Double LP black vinyl /300 gatefold)



-2x black vinyl limited to 300

-Matte finish gatefold jacket

-black paper inner sleeves.

Assembled in polybag.

-Remastered for vinyl by Liam Kriz.

-Max 1 copy per person