Hole Dweller – Flies the Coop CD

Limited edition 6 panel digipak, professionally replicated discs from glass master.
Includes Bandcamp redemption code.
This is the story of a humble hobbit who against the unease of venturing too far from his home in Frogmorton, decides to embark upon an epic journey of his own making. Armed with only a longpipe and walking stick, will his thirst for adventure be strong enough to swallow his fear of the unknown? With an unbreakable spirit, the hobbit flies the coop.
1. With Dreams of Adventure, I Smoke from My Longpipe Beneath the Stars 03:46
2. An Empty Tankard of Ale at The Floating Log Inn 02:12
3. Along the Great East Road Cows Graze on Emerald Fields 02:57
4. An Apple Tart Between Seed Cake and Buttered Scone 02:08
5. Memories in Wildflower and the Setting Sun 03:25
6. Have My Eyes Seen a Phantasm in the Shadow of Camp? 04:18
7. Morning Rain by the Overhill Yards, a Harvest of Wet Lumber 02:10
8. Through the Bindbole Wood 03:17
9. The Dwarven Caravan of Rushock Bog 02:18
10. Needlehole, Traveler’s Rest 02:00


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