Forest Temple – Medieval Marvel: Remnants of Forgotten Eras CD

1. The Trees Carry the Spirit’s Song 01:32
2. The Grinning Forest 02:13
3. The River Demands Sacrifice 03:13
4. Shrines Amongst The Leaves 02:14
5. Beholding the Throne of Cernunnos 03:01
6. Spectres Atop the Moss Covered Ruins 03:46
7. Sprites Dance Before the Court of Oberon 01:23
8. Martyrs Nailed To the Castle Gate 04:34
9. Knights Slain Within the Courtyard Arbour 02:08
10. From the Firmament To the Bottom of a Well 03:01
11. Gathered In Celebration of the King’s New Dragon 02:41
12. Discovering the Slumbering God Leagues Beneath the Sea 03:38
13. Twilight Chorus of Forest Spirits 01:41
14. The Atlantean Labyrinth Emerges 02:28
15. Sprites of the Sun-Forest Guide Me Into the Afterlife 04:49
16. The Clandestine Chamber: A Mausoleum Beneath the Sands 02:02
17. Infection and Madness Consume a Conquistador Deep Within the Jungle 03:35
18. Opening the Ninth Gate (Beyond the Forest Temple) 06:18
19. From the Meadow Into Storm-Swept Darkness (Lair of the Green Man) 04:06


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Compilation digipak CD of all Forest Temple demos and splits including “Twilight Within the Ancient Wood” (Tracks 1-6), “Fantasy and Fable Beyond the Mythic Realm” (Tracks 7-12), “Barbaric Visions Upon the Flesh of Time” (Tracks 13-18), and “Antipodean Triumvirate” (Track 19).

The voice of the forest returns. Spells cast with a broken synthesizer.

Conjuring visions.

Recounting mythologies. Whispers carried on the ancient breeze.

Communing with ancient darkness.

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