Fogweaver – Labyrinthine CD


1. Rites of the Nameless Ones 05:12
2. Arha, the Eaten One 05:37
3. The Nine Stones 04:39
4. A Dragon-Hafted Key 03:56
5. Where No Light Had Ever Been 03:05
6. An Echo of a Distant Light 04:58
7. The Ring of Erreth-Akbe 03:23
8. To Escape by Werelight 04:51
9. Her True Name Spoken 04:04
10. Not a Gift Given, but a Choice Made 06:31


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Digipak CD edition limited to 250 copies. Based entirely on ‘The Tombs of Atuan’ – Ursula K. LeGuin’s second book in the original Earthsea Trilogy – “Labyrinthine” explores themes of freedom, responsibility, autonomy, and liberation.

For those of you who have read ‘Earthsea,’ you know how much ‘Atuan’ stands out from much of the rest of the books – the darker tone, the dread, the melancholy, the isolation, is all so different from other aspects of Earthsea in its adventurous yet, at times, somber nature.

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