Erythrite Throne – Through Calignous Tombs Where Pale Horses Dream 2MC BOX


 Released by Ancient Meadow Records and distributed by Out of Season.



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The prolific and incomparable Erythrite Throne returns to the Ancient Meadow for this exemplary special edition double-cassette box set with “all-over” cassette shell offset printing on two cassettes with more than 2 hours of true dungeon synth crafted the way the progenitors intended. Includes a large flat-woven patch and 4-panel folded insert, all housed in a double-cassette clamshell with double-sided trap sheet. AMR exclusive.

All false crumble where the light can’t reach..
A long journey through blackened halls, mournful cries and the stench of death linger in these tombs. Secrets of the dark ages sealed away and long forgotten lurk in the shadows, as you journey deeper and deeper through caliginous tombs where pale horses dream…

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