Emyn Muil – Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga MC


A1 Túrin Son Of Húrin
A2 Aure Entuluva
A3 Arise In Gondolin
A4 Mîm’s Betrayal
A5 Dark Riots From Angband
A6 Gurthang

B1 Path Of The Doomed
B2 The Sack Of Nargothrond
B3 Death Of Glaurung
B4 Hail To The Black Sword


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4th press limited to 250 copies. DELUXE ALL OVER EDGE TO EDGE UV PRINT on red shell tapes housed in gold box with huge 16 panel fold out j-card containing the lyrics. LIMIT OF 1 PER PERSON ONLY. Price Includes VAT.

Weight 150 g