Arthuros – Kosmos CD

Includes download of a digital version of the album.


1. With Apollonian Might 07:20
2. Observer Of The Kosmos Part I 04:32
3. With Arthurian Pride 02:19
4. Observer Of The Kosmos Part II 02:53
5. Inside A Star’s Womb 03:53
6. Phos (Φως) 07:46
7. A Sword Dipped In Star’s Blood 07:40
8. Penetrating Through The Void….. 01:29


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“From Stardust We Come , Through Kosmos We March , With Pride We Fight, Until once again ….. We Vanish From Light”

“Arthuros has returned with a masterpiece of modern dungeon synth. In a genre that can often be cheesy, Arthuros has achieved beauty and grandiosity. Simultaneously massive in scope and reserved at the same time, this record is brimming with memorable melodies and secures Arthuros position in the genre’s pantheon next to Depressive Silence and Arath, paying respects but never copying. Kosmos brings the listener into the shimmering abyss and blinds them with 8 movements of pure dark cosmic art.” – Nick Surrett, bandcamp review

CD edition in 4 panel digipack. Professionally replicated, high quality compact disc. Sealed copies. Limited to 200.

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