Ancient Boreal Forest – A Relic From the Sands of Time / Where Dragons Dream 2MC


A Relic From The Sands Of Time
1. An Army Of Gold
2. Vassals Under The Dragon King
3. A Legend Born From Fire
4. Your Name Shall Become A Legend Among Men
5. The World Eater Draws Near
6. In A Land, Forever Cold
7. Tombs Of Ancient Warriors Stand Tall
8. Dreaming Of Eternal Sleep
-Bonus Track-
9. A Relic From The Sands Of Time (Seamless Mix)

Where Dragons Dream
1. Mighty Tales
2. A Home Fit For Kings
3. The One Who Wields Dawnbreaker
4. Great Forest Of Eastmarch
5. Legends Of An Old Forgotten Kingdom
6. Reigning Victory
7. Frost Mage
8. Call From The Precipice
–Bonus Track–
9. Where Dragons Dream (Seamless Mix)


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